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FUNTASTIC 1.51 [beta version]
Alexander Trocchi meets Jackie Inhalt!
9-15 August 2004 in Berlin-Mitte

borderline camping on the fringes of the left and right heart-chamber of Berlin. We gonna bring camping-equipment, set up tents and put up our feets and we like YOU to be there as well. We have a Raumerweiterungshalle (spatial extension container) at our disposal. It will serve as base, kitchen and living room. Things will be very basic, so don't expect any urban comforts.
We will cook collaboratively and collectively support ourselves. It is not a service, it's just a proposition of possibilities, even though we will provide the most basic things of course. We would like to establish an open space were we can be together without any pressure of production. Invited are people from all over to experience and get inspired by an unique urban setting were two differnt parts of Berlin collide, overlap and open a void.

If you feel like coming send an e-mail to

Looking forward seeing you there...


Jackie Inhalt and Alexander Trocchi

For more information on our background take a look at the websites jackie-inhalt (from Jackie) and FUNTASTIC (from Alexander)