...this could be you!

We have the intention to hold a 4-day meeting in a festival-like atmosphere, we would like to refer to it as an “extended barbecue”. We feel this expression matches an intimate sphere we would like to create.
The concept is to construct an event where our ideas and practices complement each other. We hope to build new connections that may help to create a mosaic, so that those involved go home with new ideas and inspiration. Also we may have strengthened awareness of commonalities in all our situations and approaches.
Our hope is to create a ferment that we thrive in and through which we can gain confidence and knowledge as how to get a good lever-hold on dominant culture capitalism (this probably the most explicit it’ll get, it is not meant to be directive in any way). After all – you know – it should be FUNtastic!

We would like FUNtastic to work on two levels. One being a more intimate exchange between the invitees, a level that encourages presentation, performance and participation as opposed to a sometimes predictable performer/audience consumption. There is space to sketch ideas and creative play. Invited are about 50 persons and/or groups that work in different places and different projects (in a wider sense within the field of cultural production), but that we feel share SOMETHING.
The other level will be public and open the event to a broader public. For one, not to remain in a kind of incestuous social setting, but to communicate with the cultural and urban environment FUNtastic is taking place in. But also to generate FUNny money to cover some costs. This will take the shape of a party.

You can bring documentation of your work or project (e.g. publications, flyers, records, zines). Stuff to lay around on tables, to be listened to, looked at, to be read, to be taken away later or on the spot or even to trade. We expect to accommodate everybody in one place during the course of the event. The accommodation will be very basic, so bring a mattress and a sleeping bag. Bring FUNtastic slides for a slide jam, (small) pieces for an exhibition, video, super 8, 16 mm film instruments and other means to “produce”. There will be space to make stuff on the spot, different atmosphere in different spaces that lend room to a variety of activities.

Tell us whether you want to perform, and in which way.
Tell us well in advance if you need any equipment, so that we can try to organise. The earlier we know the bigger the chance that we succeed!

Some ideas:
construction FUN
comic corner
tables with small publications and information etc…
musical delights


Yours truly,

Mickey Fisk, Bob Bronski, Jan No-Wack, The Living Legend, Mrs. Sand Hazel, S.a.b.ü, and Benni Mc Boef