In 1924 the THOMAS VAN AQUINO KERK was built in the style of the Amsterdamse School. It was used as a catholic church over the years and holy happenings took place: Virgin Mary herself appeared several times inside this church and this was no hallucination of religious ecstasy –two of these events are officially acknowledged by the Vatican!

After the THOMAS VAN AQUINO KERK has been empty abandoned for 4 yeras, the place was squatted in 2001 and since then the church has been transformed to a free space for artistic and intercultural happenings for the neighborhood and the rest of the world.

The city council has the plan to tear down this monument in order to build luxury houses for old people. According to the plan only three of the planned apartments are for social housing. The rest of the space is intend to be used for supermarkets and other shops.

The people who are working and living in the church today oppose these plans, along with the people of the neighbourhood. And they are using the church as a concept of a social, artistic and cultural centre. The church has become a place in the neighbourhood, where people can meet and exchange ideas.

Come along and sign the petition to preserve this monument for the future. If you like to support this activly you are very welcome!